When dealing with European buyers, especially for tax and compliance purposes, it is important to collect the tax numbers of your clients to ensure smooth and efficient transactions. Below is a list of the format for tax numbers (also known as VAT numbers) for each European country, which can help streamline the process:

Country VAT Number Format
Austria ATU99999999
Belgium BE0999999999
Bulgaria BG999999999 or BG9999999999
Croatia HR99999999999
Cyprus CY99999999L
Czech Republic CZ99999999 or CZ999999999 or CZ9999999999
Denmark DK99999999
Estonia EE999999999
Finland FI99999999
France FR99999999999
Germany DE999999999
Greece EL999999999
Hungary HU99999999
Ireland IE9S99999L or IE9999999WI
Italy IT99999999999
Latvia LV99999999999
Lithuania LT999999999 or LT999999999999
Luxembourg LU99999999
Malta MT99999999
Netherlands NL999999999B99
Poland PL9999999999
Portugal PT999999999
Romania RO999999999
Slovakia SK9999999999
Slovenia SI99999999
Spain ESX9999999X
Sweden SE999999999999
United Kingdom* GB999999999 or GB999999999999 or GBGD999 or GBHA999

Please ensure that the VAT number provided by your buyers is in the correct format. This will help prevent delays and ensure compliance with tax regulations. The formats listed include both numeric and alphanumeric variations, depending on the country.

*Note: The United Kingdom has left the EU, but VAT numbers are still used for trade between the UK and the EU.

Collecting these numbers at the point of sale or during initial account setup can save a lot of time and prevent delays in processing transactions.